Q. Are you Independent/Whole of Market?

A.  Most definitely, absolutely, 100% yes!

I am an Independent, Whole of Market mortgage adviser.

What does that actually mean?

‘Whole of market’ means that I can use all lenders in the UK mortgage marketplace that accept mortgage adviser’s introduced business. Every large name lender you can think of usually allows mortgage advisers to place business with them. Of course there are some exceptions, and they only accept’ ‘direct business’ (people who visit their branch network) and not through brokers such as myself. Such lenders can only offer their own mortgages, not from the whole of the marketplace, like I can.

‘Independent’ is usually confused with the term ‘whole of market’. To allow myself to be called ‘independent’ means that, under the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules, I have to offer my clients the facility of paying for my services by a ‘fee only’ method.

I do allow people who wish to do so this arrangement. It is more fully explained within my ‘initial disclosure document’.

Please do not be confused by mortgage advisers in places like banks, building societies and estate agencies. If you go to a mortgage adviser in a bank or building society, they are only able to offer their employer’s mortgage products (which may not be the most competitive product available to you in the whole of the marketplace).

If you seek advice via an estate agency mortgage adviser, they are likely to only use a ‘restricted panel’ of mortgage lenders. Again, you may not end up with the most competitive mortgage deal available from the whole of the marketplace that I can offer to you.

When you speak to me, it’s like speaking to every mortgage lender in one go. Why go anywhere else?

Now this question has been answered, why not call me now?

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