Q. Can I get a lender’s Decision in Principle?

A.  Yes you can, and you should!

First of all, what is a ‘lender’s Decision in Principle?

Sometimes called a DIP, and sometimes an Application in Principle (AIP), it is the confirmation that the chosen, recommended lender has provisionally agreed to lend to you (subject to satisfactory proof of income, credit scoring and/or searches, and a property assessment).

What’s the point in getting excited about a mortgage if the lender won’t actually lend to you?

Following the process, I can assess your information, match your requirements to a suitable lender’s criteria, and then apply to the mortgage lender to get their confirmation that they are happy to lend to you. With this information, you know that as long as you can comply with the lender’s requirements, that they will lend to you. You like them, and they like you – a perfect match!

This allows you to continue with your house-hunting safe in the knowledge that you have the funds to carry through the purchase once your offer has been accepted.

DIP’s are usually valid for between 30 and 90 days.

They are also available for re-mortgage cases.

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