Q. Do we have to meet face-to-face?

A.  Not unless you insist.

I deal with people all around the UK.

To offer the best possible service to people, I try not to waste my time travelling to meet people personally. This makes me extremely efficient, as I’m always at my desk, helping people with their mortgage and protection needs.

The compliance regime that I work under, and the process we go through together, requires me to obtain documentation to prove identity, residence and income. Many people are happy to entrust these documents to the Royal Mail’s service, and some are not. Those that are not are welcome to visit me personally by appointment to provide the required documents, whilst I copy the originals and can then take away these items. The only extra item I am required to obtain by not conducting our business face-to-face is an additional item of proof of residence, so it is not a problem if we never meet face-to-face.

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