Q. What do I need to do to get a mortgage?

A.  You will need to provide various items.

To put you in the best possible position to obtain a mortgage, you will need to complete my fact-find form and provide various items that prove your identity, where you live and your income (for each borrower on the mortgage application). The whole process is also explained here.

Before you provide these items, if you believe you may have a credit history issue (such as missed payments, credit defaults, and/or county court judgements), I would need to see your credit report to get the full facts. (Sometimes, what people think they have and actually do have recorded against them are different, so the credit report is the actual proof of the situation).

> To prove identity, you’d need to provide your driving license or passport.
> To prove income, you’d need to provide your last 3 months salary payslips (or 2-3 years HMRC Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overview letters if self-employed), together with corresponding bank statements showing the salary credits.
> To prove residence, you’d have to provide a utility bill, bank or credit card statement, council tax bill or another acceptable item.
> To prove your source of deposit (bank/building society statements showing the build-up of funds over time), but not if you’re using your existing property equity solely as the source of your deposit.

Once you have provided these items, I can commit the details into my research and find you the most suitable mortgage product based on the facts you provide.

Once your mortgage application has been made, the mortgage lender may request further items they require.

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