Q. Why should I use a mortgage broker?

A.  For so many reasons! Here are the top 10 only…

1)  Access to the whole UK mortgage and insurance market through one source.

2) I work for you, not the mortgage lender. I’m on your side, and we both want the same thing for you.

3) Over 40 years of personal, hands-on, experience advising people on their mortgage and insurances.

4) Protecting your credit file from unnecessary, ‘never in a million years’ mortgage applications

5) Personal service throughout the whole process.

6) Being your advocate. I can ‘sell’ your case to the lenders, if necessary.

7) If you are declined, saves you time with the next lender on the list.

8) Always available, outside hours if necessary.

9) Easier process for your next mortgage, so you don’t start over from scratch.

10) Time is money, and I will save you both!

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